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Feng Shui Date Selection

Feng Shui Date Selection is used to select good dates for Renovations, Placement of large objects, Moving in to a new home and energy activations.

Feng Shui practitioners know of the possibility of harnessing the environmental energies to their benefit. On the flipside, it is equally important to not accidentally activate negative energies that lurk. There are a few ways that one goes about selecting the right dates for the right Feng Shui related activites.

  1. Paid consultations
  2. Enrol in courses and there after enduring the pain of looking for the various formations and what nots
  3. Yearly public chinese astrology seminars

Option #1: No questions asked here, you get what you pay for.

Option #2: This is where the Feng Shui Calendar greatly assists, minus the pain. This how-to gives a quick overview of the representations.

Option #3: Without knowing your property's sitting / facing directions, the masters behind public seminars painstakingly choose auspicious dates with the least potential of backlashes. This feat itself deserves commendation. However, attempting to activate an energy / star using the general advise is a hit and miss at best.

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Feng Shui Activation

Feng Shui Activation(s)

The Stars

Sun 太陽 - Noblemen (day activation)
Moon 太陰 - Noblemen (night activation)
Dragon Virtue 龍德 - Problem solving.
Fortune Virtue 福德 - Happiness, Positive energy.
Duke Virtue 歲德 - Protective energy, Mitigate negative energy.
Duke Virtue Combo 歲德合 - Protective energy, Networking.
Duke Reward 歲祿 - Wealth opportunities.
Goat Blade 羊刃 - Authority, Promotion.
Yang Noble 陽貴 - External assistance (male).
Yin Noble 陰貴 - External assitance (female).
Duke Branch Virtue 歲支德 - Short term protective energy.
Sky Horse 驛馬 - Speed things up in the short term.
Decree 奏書 - Career advancement, Professional field.
Professor 博士 - Academic pursuits.

Property Sitting
Target Date
Mark Auspicious (used for activations)
Occupants Year of Birth

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