Bazi Calendar

The Bazi Calendar is a calendar representation that infuses your personal energies using your Bazi with the energies of the Day. The Day in turn carries the energies of the Month and Year alongside with some auxilary stars. Layering these information in the attempt to identify an auspicious day for an activity is a laborious task having to reference different material to derive a view.

The Bazi Calendar provides date selection professionals and enthusiasts a quick reference for choosing auspicious days matching the intended activities. Combines, Clashes, Nobleman, Peach Blossom, Thriving and many more formations are calculated using classical practices, churned with machine code.

Professionals and enthusiasts aside, for the folks that aren't bothered about the technicalities of Date Selection but want the results of a good Day, the Advisor was developed to facilitate this facet. Simply choose from the list of activities to find the conducive Days that support You (remember to plot your Bazi first).

Date Selection

Date Selection is one of the sub-branches of Divination from the 5 Arts of Chinese Metaphysics. Through the eras of observation and recording by the ancient Chinese sages, patterns and the influences it has on us were observed; that gave birth to the cyclical concept of time and energy. Date selection is an integral part of advanced Feng Shui and Bazi practices where auspicious days were selected to perform important activities.

The selection of an auspicious day is predominantly based on the hsia calendar (or sometimes known as the Ten Thousand Year Calendar) where the study of the interaction between the different energies of a day take place. That is of course the general energy of the day, when your personal energy is added into the analysis, the day energies unfold and tell a different story specifically for you.


Bazi is also known as the Four Pillars of Destiny or Destiny Code, belongs to the Destiny branch of the 5 Arts of Chinese Metaphysics. Using the date and time of birth, a person's destiny can be analyzed in the areas of personality, years with good / bad "luck" and many more, thus enabling the person to be proactive in planning and strategizing towards the path of least resistance or towards the path of great reward. A person's Bazi is also used for selecting auspicious dates in a variety of activities.

Dong Gong Date Selection

The Dong Gong technique of Date Selection is the work of astrologer and Grandmaster Dong De Zhang of the Ming Dinasty who spent his lifetime studying the 60 Jia Zi in each of the 12 solar months. The result of that lifetime work? The effects of each star meticulously documented creating an indispensable reference to all practitioners and enthusiasts of Date Selection.

This technique is essentially a month based method that reveals how the energies of the 60 Jia Zi days interact with the Solar month's energies.

Qi Men Dun Jia - Date and Time Selection

Qi Men Dun Jia roughly translated to "Mysterious Doors Hiding the Jia" is an ancient form of divination from the 5 Arts of Chinese Metaphysics. Originally founded to assist in mlitary strategy and tactics during the Warring States, today includes contemporary applications in the areas of Feng Shui, Destiny Analysis, Business, Personal Endeavours and Date Selection (date, time and action), to name a few.

In the context of Date and Time Selection, differing from the traditional Date Selection or Ze Ri, Qi Men Dun Jia places more emphasis on the time, location and action rather than the date per se. By calculating the Qi map of the hour of the specific date, this method has the ability to arrive at the "golden hour". The "golden hour" has little significance unless it is used together with the specific action with the specific direction.

Personally, with clarity on the action to be undertaken, I would first use Ze Ri to choose the date and then use Qi Men Dun Jia for a micro analysis of the good hours. The table that this site provides is a general representation of the activities, a full fledge analysis would require a consult with a Qi Men Dun Jia practitioner to reveal the nitty gritty details. My mantra with Date Selection in general is that there are no perfect dates. Thus make use of what you have without fussing with perfection, which at the end of a day is a myth.

Feng Shui Date Selection

Date selection in Feng Shui is mainly used to select the days with the right energies for renovations, repair works, moving large objects (e.g. the sofa), moving into a new home and activations. Renovations, repair works and moving large objects introduce vibrations to varying degrees, and the objective is to avoid accidentally activating negative energies. It would be killing two birds with one stone if the selected days were paired with an activaton focus. Moving into a new home is akin to introducing new energies into the property, so on top of selecting the days with good energies, we'd also want to ensure that the new occupants' energies do not clash with the property. Last but not least, activations, where a source of vibration is deliberatly introduced for a period of time to "awake" the positive energies.

Feng Shui date selection requires a few crucial pieces of information depending on the pursued activity 1) The property's sitting direction 2) The property's main door sector 3) The occupants year of birth.