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Qi Men Dun Jia Formations

When a Qimen chart is plotted, numerous structures form in the palaces. Qimen Practitioners know of the many unique structures that present themselves via a variety of combinations between the elements in a palace. Some structures are well sought after for it's auspicious energies that will prove beneficial for the targeted endeavors. This webapp provides 15 of the highly sought after Qimen Structures.

Instead of flipping through pages and having to memorize the combinations (believe me this is daunting), easily search 7 days ahead (limited only by your subscription) for one of the 15 formations that fit your endeavors.


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15 Formations

Extremely Auspicious.

Extremely Favorable.

Being in the position of power and / or control from behind the scenes.

Use to conceal actions giving an edge over the opponent. Also supportive for spiritual activities.

The person would seem better (authority, capability, knowledge) than he / she really is. Self-improvement and money making activities will also be supported. Family planning too is supported.

The fog of trustworthiness further clouded with the charismatic character enables the individual to be in the position to create an element of surprise. Equally beneficial for medical assistance, prayers and nobleman assistance.

The right people are doing the right jobs. Opportunity to step-up and shine. Equally positive for marriages.

Positive indication for career success where efforts are channeled to the right areas with a good support system. Equally positive for marriages.

Favors seeking the right platform for growth and success. Equally positive for marriages.

The pursuit of knowledge (personal / business / lawful) will receive positive outcomes. Marriages, Burials and Moving home will also benefit from this formation.

Lawful pursuits. Professional endeavours. Marriages, Burials and Moving home will also benefit from this formation.

Justice will prevail. Investments, Business expansions, Marriages and Moving home will also benefit from this formation.

Nobility, succes and status. Success is attained via proper use of human resources.

You will be dealt a good hand with support from nobleman.

Financial and luck improvements. Dreams will be within reach.