Chinese Date Selection

Chinese Date Selection is all about taking advantage of planetary alignment and motion to do the right thing at the right time. To make use of condusive energy to give us the edge that perhaps makes it or breaks it.

Planetary movements can be calculated. Somehow the ancient Chinese scholars without the aid of telescopes or any fancy equipment were able to, through generations of observations and documentation, recognize energy patterns that coincide with events. It is via this meticulous endeavour that gave birth to the Chinese Art of Date Selection.

How often do you hear "timing is everying"? Which basket do you want to be in? The unknowing or the knowing?

planning and preparation

Personal Activities

Infusing your Bazi makes the representation uniquely yours

feng shui date selection

Feng Shui

Renovation, Moving in, Activations


Xuan Kong Da Gua

An advanced system that uses the 64 hexagrams from I Ching