Feng Shui Calendar How-To

The General Bad Stuff
Property 3 Killings
Annual 3 Killings
Monthly 3 Killings
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Monthly Grand Duke
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Year Breaker
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5 Yellow Year
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Wu Capital Sha
Ji Captal Sha

As a general rule of thumb, you will want to avoid disturbing the energies of the sectors and or days that are afflicted by the list on the left.

3 Killings is a party of 3 negative energies, each having its own set of negative implications.

  • Robbery Sha
  • Calamity Sha
  • Annual Sha

The Grand Duke is the ruling energy of the year. Thus we'd not want to mess with the ruler while he's in power.

The Year Breaker is the opposing energy of the Grand Duke. Imagine a peasant going against the ruler, how do you think that would work out?

5 Yellow from the Xuan Kong Flying Stars school, is a volatile energy that brings chaos amongst other negative connotations. Let's say what can go wrong, will go wrong, if this energy is accidentally activated.

Wu and Ji Capital Heaven Sha have similar disastrous effects of the 5 Yellow.

On top of the afflictions from the year / month / day energies against the property, you'd also need to take into consideration the occupants' year of birth and avoid clashes.

For every property, there are 4 periods of 15 days in a year where the negative energies are supressed. These periods are determined by the Great Sun Formula.

How do you avoid the "General Bad Stuff"?

With this app, all you have to do is to find the path of least / no resistance.

Note: Red is good. Every other color is not good.

Example on the left is for a property sitting SW3.

  1. Ensure that the Property's Sitting (SW3) is not afflicted by negative energies.
  2. Look for sectors that have no resistance (white) or sectors with good energy (red). These are the sectors where you can;
    • Start renovations without accidentally activating negative energies.
    • Perform focus point(s) based activations.
The Great Sun Period

There are four 15 days periods in a year where negative energies in your property are supressed. These four periods are known as the Great Sun Period or Great Sun Formula.

This app overlays an orange opaque circle in the center to indicate that the day falls withing the Great Sun Period. Essentially during these periods it would be safe to perform renovations or activations in any sectors. Do note the term "supressed" was used and not "unpresent".

Specifically for activations, pay attention to enter the Occupants Year of Birth and ensure that the selected day does not clash with the intended occupants.

Example on the left is for a property sitting SW3 during a Great Sun Period.

White Tiger Enters Central Palace

There are 7 days that are known as the White Tiger Enters Central Palace days. These days negate all positive energies. Suffice to say, no important activities should be carried out or pursued on these days.

This app overlays a black opaque circle in the center to warn you.

Example on the left is for a property sitting S2 on a very inauspicious White Tiger Enters Central Palace day.

Yearly Affliction(s)

There will be bound to be years where a property will be afflicted by negative energies throughout the year.

The indicator for such yearly affliction(s) is identifiable when you see all 24 mountain directions in grey or brown. Typically we will avoid any renovations, moving large objects and even activations for the entire year. Where absolutely necessary, the Great Sun Period can be used, i.e. performing renovations or activations during the Great Sun Period.

Example on the left is for a property sitting S2 (Horse / Wu) in a Metal Rat year. Rat being the Grand Duke of the year, the Horse clashes with the Rat, deeming the property shadowed by negative energy for the entire Metal Rat year.


There are various positive energies in a year that can be activated within a property.

Select the positive energy that your intend to activate, the web app will plot a blue marker at the end of the sector for your easy reference. Avoid the "General Bad Stuff" described above.

Example on the left is for a property sitting S2 in a Metal Rat year with the Dragon Virtue energy selected. The Dragon Virtue energy is particularly favored for solving problems.

Supported by the Hour

Hourly energies can be used to support the day but it is not essential. But then again, why not?

  • ✩ preferred
  • ✓ good
  • ✗ avoid

The table will be highlighted when Occupants are selected. Red for good, Black for the opposite.

Example on the lower left, at 11AM - 1PM (Horse / Wu hour), while it's overlayed with Red, the hour itself is to be avoided, thus best to avoid. Similarly, at 1AM - 3AM (Ox / Chou hour), while the hour is marked as Good, however the Black overlay tells that the hour it not favorable for the occupant.

A check with Red overlay or a star with no overlay? Personally I would choose the check with Red overlay as there'd be an affinity.