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Qi Men Dun Jia Month Chart

The Qimen month chart is used analyze monthlong activities such as a marketing campaign, a multi tiered competition, a promotion drive and so on. Qi Men Dun Jia, also known as Qimen or Qi Men or simply QMDJ, is an ancient Chinese metaphysics forecasting tool used to predict outcomes and unearth hidden cause and effect, thus enabling strategic execution or to solve a variety of challenges. The origins of Qimen are all over the web, so I won't repeat it here.

Oftentimes it is typical human behaviour to wish to seek for probable outcomes out of probable actions. What if I did this or that, what then? The verb "forecast" in this context means predicting probable outcomes that is a result of an action (or a set of actions). Meaning, you already have a set of actions in motion and would like to gain the advantage of forecasting the probable outcomes. Qimen is not an Oracle to satisfy the thirst of what-ifs and what-nots.

Qimen is based on astronomical observations and thus is time sensitive. Out of the hundreds of possible charts, the date of the monthlong event determines which chart is used.

Target Date

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Day's Bazi
Season Grain in ear

Month Chart: June 13, 2024

4 positive formation(s)1 positive formation(s)3 negative formation(s)1 positive formation(s)5 negative formation(s)1 positive formation(s)1 negative formation(s)1 positive formation(s)1 negative formation(s)3 positive formation(s)1 negative formation(s)1 negative formation(s)Lead Stem: Wu (W)Envoy: Fear (N)Lead Star: Pillar (SW)Solar Term: grain in ear