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Money Matters with Bazi

Money Matters with Bazi focuses on the Wealth facet of your destiny. The aim is to provide you with your bespoke compass / cheatsheet towards attaining Wealth, in a way that better suits you. Suiting you doesn't mean easy peasy, on the contrary, results are attained through hard work. Fruits of your labor. You reap what you sow. Based on your date and time of birth, a number of elements are analyzed along with the positioning of these elements. The result (decoding) is a sheet that suggests your bespoke path to Wealth. The old school classifieds look is just me wanting to try a different style, nothing else to it.

Let's kick-off with understanding the diference between "fate" and "destiny". Fate is what we were gifted with when we took our first breath. Can't do anything about fate. Destiny on the other hand is malleable. Our actions and inactions determine our course in life. For every action, there's a reaction, so the saying goes. If you sit and do nothing, nothing happens.

From our four pillars of destiny, or better known to the English world as Bazi, a lot could be revealed, the good and the nasty. Having the knowledge enables us to prepare and plan our actions. Without the knowledge, we'd be sailing without a compass, or with a common compass that was passed to us. Whether this gifted compass would work best for you will be then left to fate, so to say.

I sometimes wonder, if my parents had made use of Bazi to help me plan and pave my path, how different would I have turned out to be? Oh well, I can only wonder~ The question now is, if you had the ability to decode your life blueprint, or that of your child, to not leave things to fate, but to mould your destiny, would you take charge?

If you are born with a special Bazi chart, this won't work for you as special charts require a different and versatile method of analyzing.

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