Bazi Calendar How-To

In order to use the Bazi Calendar to its fullest potential, you will need to understand how to layer the energies in order to support the activity that you'd want to embark on.

  1. Illustrates the Day's energy (Combine / Clash / Nuetral) with Your Bazi
  2. Day's Heavenly Stem (top) and Earthly Branch (bottom)
  3. Bazi 10 Gods representation of the Day's HS (left) and EB (right) towards Your Bazi
  4. Formations between the Day / Month / Year energy(ies) with Your Bazi
  5. Inauspicious (left) and Auspicious (right) of the Day
  6. 12 Day Officers of the Day
  7. Gods and Kilings energy for the Day

Days shaded in grey should be avoided in general, even if there are favorable combinations / formations. However experienced practitioners understand that personal breaker days are useful for certain activities.

  • Year Breaker
  • Month Breaker
  • Personal Day Breaker
  • Personal Death and Emptiness

Days shaded in light red are auspicious days in general, however do pay attention to the formations to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

  • 6 Harmony
  • 3 Harmony
  • 3 Nobles
  • and more..

Without (or with an incorrect) your Bazi, trying to use the Bazi Calendar will be akin to trying to drink soup with a fork. Ensure you enter your date and time of birth and click "plot". You will notice the Bazi table updating to reflect your Bazi. Double check the auto calculated Bazi and adjust where necessary.

Subscribers will have the option to select which month chart to plot, limited to the subscription details.